Agency and Agility in Assessment July 11th -31st 2020 Closed!

An asynchronous two-week online course: Self paced so complete in your own time!

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Join us for this for this asynchronous two-week online course on Agency and Agility in Assessment from July 11th- 31st 2020.

All materials used will be released through this website and this is a cohort style asynchronous course where we material will be released week to week for two weeks. The course will be open on July 11th and close July 31st 2020 so you have plenty of time to complete the course.

The recommended time you should spend is around two to three hours per week for two weeks! At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of participation. You also have the opportunity to create artefacts that you can use with your students or at your school.

This course looks promoting agency and agility in assessment for eLearning.The focus will be learning about effective pedagogical approaches to empower all members of the school community and adopt agile practices that are responsive to learning.

This course will consist of three modules:

Module A: How do we reframe assessment as collecting evidence of student thinking and learning?

Module B: How do we collect evidence of student learning using authentic performance tasks?

Module C: How do we determine success criteria and provide learners with meaningful feedback?

Your Instructor

Dr Jennifer Chang Wathall
Dr Jennifer Chang Wathall

I was born to be a teacher. I knew I wanted to be a math teacher from an early age and always had a passion for teaching. I love being in the classroom and just spending time with my students with the goal of inspiring a love for learning. Nothing excites me more than seeing those light bulb moments during a lesson when students have a gleam in their eye because they get it. That gleam tells me my students understand on a deeper level than what a textbook or video can explain. I have been so lucky that all of my life I knew what my vocation would be.

Currently, I am an independent educational consultant, author and part-time instructor for the University of Hong Kong. With over 25 years experience in the education field, I have worked in several international schools including South Island School, Hong Kong and The United Nations International School, New York and Island School, Hong Kong.

In the international arena, I have presented numerous keynote addresses and workshops about concept-based mathematics and concept-based curriculum and instruction to Pre-K-12 educators. I have a degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics from the University of Sydney and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Hong Kong. Based on my Masters of Arts and Doctorate in Educational Technology I also facilitate concept-based mathematics online courses, give talks about innovative uses of digital instructional media and how to effectively launch a 1:1 program.

As a qualified International Baccalaureate workshop leader (Mathematics: Standard and Higher Level, Concepts and Inquiry in the Diploma Program and Approaches to Teaching and Learning") I have delivered numerous workshops in the Asia Pacific region. My role as a field representative for the IB Asia Pacific serves as part of the quality assurance framework. I have been invited to give several talks at the IB Asia Pacific and IB Americas annual conferences.

I am a certified trainer in the DISCtm behaviour assessment tool and a certified independent consultant in "Concept-Based Curriculum Design" by Dr H. Lynn Erickson. I enjoy my work as an independent consultant helping all discipline areas and schools transition to concept-based curriculum and instruction. My skills as a certified Performance Coach allow me to facilitate transition and change.

I had the honour of consulting for the IB on the new diploma mathematics courses for first teaching in 2019 to develop a concept-based mathematics curriculum model. I collaborated with a wonderful team of experienced IB teachers from around the world to co-author four student reference books for the new IB Mathematics courses with Oxford University Press.

My best-selling book titled "Concept-Based Mathematics: Teaching for Deep Understanding in Secondary Schools" was released in February 2016.

"In an era of many people claiming expertise in remote learning, Jennie Wathall’s genuine experience and expertise shines through. Her course reflects a commitment to core principles of quality teaching and learning including the need for interaction, the importance of feedback and the provision of choice and flexibility. Participants not only gain an understanding of the content but, through experiencing her deft design, ways to manage learning in what for many of us, is a new context. I highly recommend this course."

Kath Murdoch
Independent Consultant

"My takeaways: What does Blended Learning look like? The Stages of E-learning to gauge where we are and Lessons Learned from Teaching Online. Basically, all the instructor created materials were of the highest quality; clear, concise and targeted.

I would recommend this course and any others by the instructor due to her skill in creating a warm, professional learning environment, that fosters connectivity that continues after completion of the course. The content is very well researched the course is responsive and adapted to the needs and interests of the participants. The use of technology tools is modeled in an authentic way, highlighting the real impact on supporting student learning. I will be signing up for the deep dive course into summative assessment."

Shireen Ali-Khan


"My main takeaway from this course are the tips on blended learning that can support schools, as well as great resources. I would definitely recommend this course because it helps to discover new ways to organise teaching and learning, to share best practices, under the supervision of a great specialist."

IB Educator

"Thank you very much for the course. I found it incredibly helpful and it had a big impact on our school. I used what I learnt from yourself and other professional reading and threads that occured when I followed links from your posts and created a professional development website for my teachers. The website focussed on Blended Learning and Enquiry Based learning and was interactive using both googles sites and google classroom which is what we teach with. As well as the content, the aim was to model an approach for teaching that was interactive - in the way you did for us. Whilst it was another significant workload for our teachers I know they found it valuable and it will prepare them well for August."

Johanna Urquhart

Principal, Lomond School, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start and finish?
This is an asynchronous, self-paced course and will open from July 11th - 31st 2020
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to this course until July 31st 2020

This course is closed for enrollment.